Zucchini Season!

By July 27, 2022 blog

By Coach Denise

Look at this… 👀
It’s that time of year when, unsolicited, your green thumbed neighbor drops a half dozen zucchini in your doorway and then texts, “Hope you can use these, I grew an over abundance!”

Even if you don’t garden or don’t have a generous gardening neighbor, zucchini is never that expensive.  They look really good in the store now because, well, they are in season. Try this recipe: Baked Zucchini, Spinach and Feta Casserole

When looking for a meatless, low carb meal, this is the ticket.  It’s delicious and easy.

I like to sauté zucchini as a side or throw them in my eggs or in a pasta dish.  If you have a Zoodle Maker, they taste great with some spaghetti sauce.  Some folks like to make Zucchini Bread, but most recipes I’ve seen have a whole lot of oil and sugar and we don’t want too much of that.

Tis the Season to take advantage of those vegetables!!!