What We’re Working On: Z-Press

By November 17, 2018 blog, Movement


We’ve added the Z-Press into our Lift workouts. Here’s why we did that and why we are loving it.

–>It’s humbling.

The Z-Press will expose weaknesses and everyone needs that! You have nothing to drive your feet into. This bad boy is upper body and core all the way. You aren’t going to set a pressing max here, but this movement IS going to make you stronger.

–>You need flexibility, mobility and strength for this one.

What you need for a strong Z-Press: Hip flexor and hamstring flexibility, lumbar and thoracic spine mobility, and core strength…oh my!


The Z-Press is performed sitting on the floor, with no slouching! If you have trouble sitting tall in this position take your legs wider to open up the hips.