Whole or Hole?

By July 29, 2019 blog


I was talking with a nutrition client last week about how it’s not just one thing when it comes to your nutrition or health. We’ve been working together for a few months now and she has made some great changes! However, she’s also realized that she’s pretty stressed and busy…so we’re tackling some of that now.

We were joking around about being a good person and about how it’s also the same. It’s not just one thing. That one good thing you do does not make you a good person. And that one good thing you do for your health may not be enough, especially if there are some holes and things missing overall.

Are you working out 5 times a week, but eating whatever you want? Or working out, eating pretty well, but sleeping about four hours per night or super-stressed?

I know it sucks. You get one thing down and then it’s something else. But true health…it all works together. One things affects the others.

I do suggest working on just one thing at a time. And sometimes that helps other things with no extra effort. I just don’t want you to forget about things like sleep and stress, or weekends. Especially if you’re having trouble reaching your goals.

Here are a few things I think are also important when it comes to experiencing whole health (in addition to moving and eating well)!



Now that I’m in my 40s, it’s not cool to run on 4 hours of sleep anymore. It’s just tiring. 🙂 Sleep repairs and restores — everything from our immune system to our muscular system. It also helps regulate our metabolism, including insulin levels. (Less sleep = more cravings, and can eventually lead to weight gain over a long period of time.) Sleep also helps us think better, of course! Sooo … sleep is amazing, and don’t you forget it!


Time Management

Are you running the day or is it running you? If you aren’t sure what you’re spending your time on each day, it’s time to check in. This can definitely leave you feeling a little off and/or super-stressed. Do a time log for a week. It’s like a food journal — just write down everything you do all day long and then take a look at it and see where you can manage your time better. (Here are some time management tips to help with that.)


Positive Thinking

Seriously though. What and how you think matters…so much. Sit still for a few minutes and take note of your thoughts. Try to be more present in your day…are your thoughts helpful or hurtful to your overall health and happiness? If they are hurtful, here are a few easy things you can start doing daily.


So when you think of your health…do you think whole? Or are there a lot of holes? Our Awesome on Purpose Program addresses all of these and more and I’ve seen the difference it can make. If there are a lot of holes, start working on them one at a time.

(Members if you’re having trouble putting all the pieces together, I’m always available for a Health & Happiness Meeting if you want to chat! Just shoot me an email.)