Using Wodify 2021

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Your month runs date to date.  Please keep an eye on your used/scheduled sessions within your month.  


The 10 pack of sessions is available to purchase at your contract rate.  This would come in handy if you occasionally want to take an extra class but aren’t ready to bump up your contract session count.  They are valid for one year. Email to add this to your account.

In the past you were able to late cancel a class and sign up for another class in the same day.  Example: You can’t make the 4p anymore, but can make the 630p. Wodify limits this activity so please be mindful about the cancelation window when changing class times within the same day.
Please be mindful of the cancelation windows for classes.  10 hours before 6A/715A and weekend classes and 4 hours before 9A, 4P, 515P, & 630P classes.


Download the PDF for additional FAQ with screenshots.

Athlete Wodify FAQs


If you have questions that are not answered on this page or in the PDF, please email