Three Tips From Our Squat Clinic

By March 9, 2020 blog

Every other month we host one or two free skills clinics for our members. This is an opportunity to dive a little deeper into a movement and I love it. It’s always a good (and beneficial) time.

Here are a few tips from our Squat Skills Clinic yesterday.

1 – All good things start with a strong core! Yep, if you thought the squat was just for legs then think again! Get tight at the top and make sure your core is engaged.

Wedge your feet into the ground. Inhale deep into midsection. Squeeze glutes, abs, lats.

2 – Actively pull yourself into the hole (the bottom of the squat). Don’t just drop. By pulling yourself down, you’ll be much stronger on the way back up.

3 – How low should you go? Your depth should be determined by maintaining a proper low back position. If your hips tilt or tuck or your shoulders round causing you to lose that neutral spine then try bringing your squat up to a level where you can maintain a strong back!

We walked step-by-step through the squat, covered several drills and then put it all to practice with goblet squats, front squat using kettlebells and the barbell, and barbell back squat. We also reviewed spotting and bailing techniques. (Overall, we could have taken about another hour — next time!)

Use the hips (flexors) to pull into the squat.


Two different grip styles for the barbell front squat. The clean grip (requires more mobility and flexibility in wrists/forearms) and the cross-grip.


The back squat.