Three Of Our Favorite Glute Exercises

By November 18, 2019 blog, Movement


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times…use your glutes! Seriously though…so many exercises rely on your glutes in order to be performed safely and for the maximum benefit!

Movements like squats, deadlifts, rowing, box jumps, bear crawls, lunges, push-ups, and presses ALL require you to use your glutes. Really! Strong glutes can help protect your lower back, especially in movements like push-ups and presses. And strong glutes can help you get that deadlift just right and keep your knees happy when you squat.


Here are some of our favorite movements to fire up the glutes!


Single Leg Hip Thrust: We love to hate the SL Hip Thrust, but it’s pretty dang awesome for strengthening the glutes. And, it’s a bodyweight movement that you can keep adding reps to. Work up to 15 – 20 on each side. Click here for the video demo.


Banded Glute Kickback: This one might remind you of the Jane Fonda days, but it’s a great movement to add into your warm-up or circuit. And this is Coach Missy’s favorite.


Single Leg Deadlift: It’s close to a SL RDL; however, the SL DL requires a deeper and more bent-knee hinge as you take your bells all the way to the floor. It’s all in the hips here and that little extra hinge will really hit your glutes and hammies!