The World Needs You

By May 12, 2019 blog



Running with all your heart to finish last, doing the right thing when no one will ever know or recognize it, putting in the extra effort and doing your very best just because that’s what you do. Doing all those things over and over again to sometimes be met with disappointment, loss or criticism.

If you’ve felt like that, and I’m sure you have at some point about some thing, remember that the world needs you. The world needs more good people. People that do the right thing when no one will ever know. Honest people. Hard-working people that don’t change their morals or ethics based upon those around them. People that stick to their guns. People that stand up for themselves, for others and for something.

If you can have integrity in all you do, you already have more than most. So whether it’s your job, your life, your relationships, your health – keep fighting the good fight. When it gets tough, when it sucks, when you are totally over it…you’ve gotta keep going.