The Key To Success

By June 9, 2019 blog

Perfect is the enemy of good. Have you heard that before? I cannot tell you how many times trying to be perfect or waiting until everything is perfect has flat out stopped me from taking any kind of action. When I opened Dragonfly and realized that I had a list a mile long of things that had to be done to keep the lights on I knew that I had to get over everything being perfect, quickly.

So, you know what? I did. I mean it took some time. But I think I have finally achieved that after seven years.

I show up consistently, take action consistently and give it my best for that day…consistently. I learned that being consistent would help me out so much more in the long run than trying to be perfect.

And this is an important lesson to apply to nutrition and training, and life of course. I am the perfect example (ha!) of that – past and present. Over the past few weeks my nutrition and training and life in general are not where I’d like them to be. I’m not quite myself. I’m simply doing my best. I’m not following my training plan, but doing bits and pieces here and there. I’m not on my nutrition A-game, but trying my best by utilizing healthy pre-made meals. I’m not giving up just because it’s not perfect. And I’m not feeling guilty or being unkind to myself because it’s not perfect. This has been me over the past few years. Consistent, not perfect. Because of my training consistency I was able to pass my StrongFirst re-certification with no issues a few weeks ago and hit a new PR , all during a time when my training has been way less than perfect. Being consistent works and we need to banish perfection from our minds. It only holds us back and makes us unhappy.

We are all gonna have some peaks and valleys and continuing to show up and do what you can is going to make all the difference. Don’t stop trying because it’s not perfect. Consistency is the key to success.


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