The Iceberg Illusion

By June 15, 2018 blog, Uncategorized
 Nope, I’m not talking about the lettuce. If I were though, I would say…you deserve more. 🙂

The iceberg illusion….most of the time we only see what’s above the surface, which can be misleading.

Here’s what I mean:

We walk into a gym and see someone reppin’ out pull-ups and think – wow, it’s so easy for them. I should be able to do that.

But what we don’t see is the hard work that person has put in for several years or where they started from, which was barely being able to hang from the bar.

We see the “always fit” person and it seems so easy for them. And we think – ugh – why is this so hard for me?!

But what we don’t see are the early morning workouts, the decisions to say no to things that didn’t fit with their goals, the struggles and the failures. 

I could go on…

We see the glamour of success and sometimes think others are just luckier or more talented. But that’s just not true.

We don’t see the whole story — we don’t see the hard work, rejection, sacrifices, failures and probably tears that all came before success. 

Never be discouraged if you feel like you “aren’t there yet” or that “it’s easy” for everyone else. Don’t be fooled and don’t give up! Know that success in whatever you want is achievable, but that every successful person usually has to go through some tough times to get there!