The Buts

By April 21, 2019 blog

We are in Week 5 of the Awesome on Purpose program and I couldn’t be happier with the work the ladies are putting in. This is our new Nutrition & Lifestyle Program, but we haven’t even started talking about what to eat yet. So…what have we been doing?

One of our Awesome on Purpose members posted this in our private Facebook group last week…about being in photos:

…I didn’t hide from the camera! I find myself looking at how much fun I’m having versus the things I don’t like about my appearance!

This touched my heart in about a thousand different ways. This is what we’ve been working on. That right there. Our first five weeks have been focused on creating an awesome mindset.

I mentioned to my husband how fantastic it was and how things like that just make me want to give 110%. Makes me want to work the extra hours to make sure I’m giving the very best effort!

Then, I swear, no more than 20 minutes later I said something negative about myself. To which my husband replied, “Now what would you say if one of your members said that to you.” Well, you little… LOL. But he was right.

I also got called out by my business coach last week. I was speaking very positively about something, feeling good about it completely and then there was a tiny jab I threw in at the end that I didn’t even know about. I’m not sure anyone else would have either, she’s very perceptive…son of a…LOL! She was right though.

I have two points going here…

#1: We are never a finished product. Instead, we are always a work in progress. We aren’t done, until we’re done. So while I’m asking these ladies to work on their mindset, I’m doing it right along with them because I still have work to do too!

#2: Your thoughts matter. What you think about yourself, what you say out loud about yourself to others, the jokes you make about yourself…it all matters. I’m definitely going to be paying more attention to those little jabs that are hiding in my conversations. I call those the BUTS sometimes. Like I did really great, BUT… Or when you’re given a compliment and you answer with “Thanks, BUT…” It’s that little negative thought that’s only there to screw up a good moment, to downplay something really positive and to hold you back. And it can be such a habit that you don’t even notice it.

Even if you reach that ideal weight or size, if you don’t address all that internal stuff you could still find yourself struggling or unhappy. It’s important to spend some time just working on your mindset.

Any of this sound familiar? If your answer is yes or maybe, then I encourage you to be more mindful of what you think and say about yourself. (Like I’m going to be!) When you catch yourself with a case of the buts or just being negative, consider how you can turn those negative thoughts into positive ones…and then do it! See how much better you’ll feel when you get rid of that negativity. It can affect you more than you may know!