Thank You St. Louis Blues

By June 17, 2019 blog
I’ve been thinking about all of the excitement from the past week with the Blues winning the Stanley Cup. I woke up Saturday morning feeling really emotional about it. (Anyone else?!) While I do have some personal ties (I worked there in a whole different career before I started Dragonfly), I realized it wasn’t really that. I attended some games this year and I watched all the playoff games, but it wasn’t really that. And while I would agree that this is a bit too many feelings to have at 6am on a Saturday (LOL), I think what I wrote below sums up what I love most about this story. And I think it’s why I’ve put a banner up in the studio window every year the Blues have been in the playoffs and why I get a little weird and superstitious during playoff time. It’s not necessarily about hockey though.
Thank you St. Louis Blues.
You gave us something to cheer for. Something to believe in.
We see ourselves in you. Underdogs. Fighters. Hopefuls. Believers.
You showed us what it’s like to fall hard and what it’s like to win big.
You showed us what it’s like to be down, but not out. How to rise up, again and again.
You showed us that the impossible is actually possible. That it’s not just a saying.
You showed us that persistence and hard work pay off. That dreams really do come true if we’re willing to stay the course no matter what.
You showed us what it’s like to never give up.
You showed us heart.
But most of all, you gave us the one thing that we all need.
Thank you St. Louis Blues.