Stronger: Three Tips From Our Kettlebell Fundamentals Workshop

By June 9, 2019 November 4th, 2019 blog, Movement


If you’re looking for a stronger swing, press or squat here are three tips from our Kettlebell Fundamentals Workshop earlier this year. We tried ’em. They work!

SWING:  Timing is everything. Stay tight at the top of the swing and don’t release your glutes/push your hips back until your arms get closer to your stomach.

PRESS:  Use your lats to press. Think about having an orange in your armpit (lol) and squeezing the juice out of it.

SQUAT:  A strong squat requires not only actively pulling yourself down, but also keeping your core engaged on the ascent with your head and hips moving at the same time (instead of hips moving up first). For that to happen, focus on coming up through your head and not your hips. Below is Ashley in slo-mo.