Do you…

  • Feel tired, old and sometimes look in the mirror like who dis? 😉

  • Want to stop obsessing over food and fitness and what’s going to happen as you age?

  • Want to find a solution that works with your body instead of blaming your age or what’s going on with your hormones?

  • Want your confidence to show up in daily things like meeting new people, having a routine, trusting yourself, and being ok with failures?

  • Get excited when you think about being a badass female over 40 instead of simply a smaller version of yourself?

I’m 47 and I get what you are going through! The good news is that I have a solution for us!

My nutrition & lifestyle coaching program is a culmination of all the tools and knowledge I have acquired as a Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Level 2 Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery Coach and as a 47 year old strong female who has worked with hundreds of women over the years.

Over the past ten years I have taken a different path to helping women that has nothing to do with diet plans or punishing yourself with exercise.

This is what I am the very best at and this is what I incorporate into my personal nutrition & lifestyle coaching!

  • Keeping nutrition and fitness sane and simple

  • Cutting through the BS in the wellness industry

  • Helping women get strong and achieve more than they thought possible

  • Mindset shifts

  • Building confidence

My personalized 1:1 Strong AF Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching Program is designed around your needs and will meet you where you are. Over the course of three to six months using a habit-based approach we will work together weekly to determine the best steps for your nutrition, training, sleep, stress management and just life in general! You will finish with a new mindset, new habits and a better understanding of how to continue your health journey without always thinking about it! My goal is that you never need me or anyone else again!

I am going to be with you every week, every step of the way to give you the tools and accountability you need by helping you to think differently, chill out, eat for life, and train to gain.

I want to give each and every one of my clients the attention and support they need so I do have a minimum number of spots available. You do not need to live in the St. Louis area, but should be available for weekly calls. I am currently accepting new clients starting in mid-August 2022.

If you are interested in a discovery call to see if we are a good fit, please fill out the application here and I will get back to you on August 1st to set up a call.

Renah Jones

Owner, Dragonfly Fitness & Black Dog Fitness

Please note: This is personal online coaching and is tailored to fit your nutrition/lifestyle/training needs. It does not include in-person training at Dragonfly Fitness.

If you are already a member of Dragonfly, we can tweak your training program if needed to help you reach your goals. 

Find out more about Dragonfly training programs here.