Here’s what you’re going to learn in order to finally be happy, comfortable and confident in your own skin, shift your mindset to turn desperation into control and to stop stressing about dieting every single day so you can GET THE BEST OUT OF LIFE instead of letting it get the best of you.


  • Why & How To Make Nutritional Changes To Support Your Goals
  • Enjoy The Foods You Love & See Progress
  • Easy Meal Prepping & Planning To Simplify Nutrition
  • Navigating the Supermarket
  • Eating On The Go Survival Guide
  • Eating & Training with Purpose
  • The Importance of Sleep & Recovery To Maximize Your Energy & Health
  • Stress Management To End The Emotional Eating & Weight Loss Roller Coaster


  • Mindful Eating & Living
  • Creating A Positive Mindset So You Can Focus On What You CAN Control In Life
  • Pushing Through Obstacles & Plateaus
  • How To Stop Self-Sabotage To Create Mindfulness & Confidence Around Your Priorities
  • Creating A Supportive Environment
  • Celebrating Yourself
  • Self-Esteem & Being Yourself
  • Confidence Boosters


  • Reflecting On The Past & Present
  • Internal Motivation
  • Focus & Goal Setting To Establish Your Priorities
  • Planning Your Days & Managing Your Time So Life Is No Longer An Excuse
  • Creating Your Mission Statement


Be Awesome On Purpose Weekly Lessons/Videos (Value $350)

30-45 Minute Group Check-In Zoom Meetings Every Two Weeks (Alternating Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 8pm CST) (Value $200)

Weekly Communication, Check-Ins and Challenges via Facebook Group (Value: $150)

Community of Awesome Like-Minded Women (Value: Priceless!)

One In-Person Workshop (Value $50)

Email access to your coach anytime (Value: Priceless!)

BONUS: Eating On Purpose Recipe Guide, Awesome On Purpose Journal, & The Awesome Holiday Guide (Value $100)


TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PROGRAM is $850. Your investment is $99 per month for 3 months. For questions email Renah at, or call 314.932.7747.

The next program run October 28, 2018 – January 25, 2019.

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Awesome on Purpose Application

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