Start Again

By May 21, 2022 blog

So, it’s May. Almost June. That means it’s six months from January. If you’re a resolutions person, I want you to think back to what your resolutions were for this year. And are you still doing them?

I am not a resolutions person because I believe every day we have the opportunity to start again. We don’t have to wait for January 1st.

BUT it’s just my encouragement to you, that if there is something that you were wanting to do this year, (or maybe you started it but now it’s not happening anymore) and it brings you joy, start again! Start today!

Maybe you don’t even remember what your resolutions were, but you know you were wanting to better yourself again. So let’s start right now!

I’m not a resolutions person, as I said, but I do like to have goals. And usually, a goal that I set for myself every year is to stretch more and take time each day to take care of my body in that way.

So, I’m going to start stretching again. And maybe it will last two weeks. Maybe it will last a couple months. Or maybe will become a lifelong habit! But we will never know until we start again.