Simple Meal Planning Tips

By June 6, 2022 June 8th, 2022 blog

If you are ready to eat better, but you are not sure where to start…how about a meal plan? Now, this meal plan is different than meal prep so don’t get overwhelmed just yet. I’m going to keep this so simple! You can totally meal plan without cooking a thing, especially if it helps you eat a little better!

1. Start by thinking about the past week or so. How many times did you dine out and how many meals did you cook or eat in? Figure out where you are at and what feels doable. How many meals do you WANT to cook? How many will you eat out/buy prepared/have delivered? Where do you feel you can do a little better?

Remember that you can still get a lot of healthy options already prepared! You just need to be prepared to do that! 😉

2. Take a look at your upcoming week. Do you already have times planned that you know you’ll be eating out? Events or outings? Pencil those in.

3. Then, determine your meals.

For those that will be out perhaps you wanna jump online, look at the menu and pick out a few better options? Some healthier go-tos at your favorite drive-thrus or get-it-delivered places. Write them down!

For those that you will cook… Keep it simple. What are some of your faves? I highly suggest NOT getting caught up in trying to find a bunch of new recipes. Use some spices and be done with it. Save the recipes for when all of this starts feeling more like a habit for you!

Also…be sure to include foods you really want to eat. Maybe it’s healthier versions of your fave foods. Just don’t overcomplicate it and don’t spend so much time on this one that you feel overwhelmed.

To build a meal…consider protein, veggies and smart carbs!

And don’t forget, frozen is OK! Frozen veggies or chicken or whatever.

Plan for those indulgences. Whether it’s the lunch date or Friday night dessert, just plan for it. Aim for a planned indulgence a couple times per week, depending on your goals and where you are currently at. (Again, if you have ice cream every night…maybe you plan to have it 4 nights instead of 7 and go from there.) Write it in your plan.

4. If cooking, be aware of your portion sizes. Will you have enough for leftovers? Be sure to include that in your planning.

5. Plan your time to go to the grocery store and/or pick up premade meals. Plan your time to cook if needed.

I like to put everything into a spreadsheet where I can see it all. (And yes I tend to eat a lot of the same stuff, but I rotate things in and out.)

I hope that was helpful. I just want you to know that eating a little better does not need to be complicated! Take it one step at a time!

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