Should I Stay (Training) Or Should I Go (To The Doctor)

By June 17, 2019 blog
You know that feeling when you’ve slept in an odd position…you wake up and your neck is a bit sore?  Or maybe you were in the gym a few days back to back and that two day delayed muscle soreness is kicking in? Maybe you got a really deep massage and feel like, well, someone poked at all of your muscles?  I think most of us have experienced some, if not all, of those things. These are things you typically can still make it to the gym and work through, around, and deal with.  You might need to ask the coach before class for a few modifications and that’s a-ok, of course.
Now, let’s say you are getting out of the car and roll your ankle. Or your knee has randomly hurt for a few weeks and whatever is happening won’t quite go away. Or you have sharp, shooting pain when trying to raise your arm above your head and you have no idea why.  These are a little different. If they don’t resolve after a few days of rest it is likely that you should call your doctor or see a physical therapist.
We know that no one gets excited to visit the PT or doctor’s office, but don’t you think it’s better to get checked out to be sure everything is a-ok than to keep on keepin’ on hoping it gets better and then you end up making it worse?  I know, I know. What if you go to the doctor and then whatever they tell you means you have to take a break from training?  Or you have to do a few weeks of physical therapy?  If it makes you feel good again, I’d say yes – go do that! We’ve referred many Dragonfly members to the  Athletico right at Kingshighway & Chippewa. (I’ve also been there, as well as Renah.) They offer free screenings are are very helpful!

As your coaches, we are always available to answer your questions.  And if we don’t know the answer, we can usually help you figure it out. That being said, we are not doctors or physical therapists. We can help you with stretches for your tight hamstrings, back, and shoulders. We can also help you with modifications for so many things (post physical therapy movements and broken toes to name a few!). I know there’s more than a few of you that have asked your Dragonfly coaches about a tweak or pain or something that feels weird. Our advice is typically to give it a day or two and if it still bothers you, take action and consult your doctor or a physical therapist! We are always thinking long-term. We want to make sure something that is minor doesn’t turn into something major down the road.