Self-Care: It’s Not A Bubble Bath Y’all

By April 15, 2019 blog

So I had some time off last week. I was thinking about self-care – how I’ve failed a little bit at it and also what it is perceived as sometimes. My conclusion: It’s not a bubble bath and some candles and dark chocolate y’all. It’s the basic everyday shit you NEED to do so you can live.

So…the first thing that came up for me when I asked Google about self-care was a very well-written article that included some ideas for self-care: baths, deep conditioning your hair, caring for your feet, a massage. While those are all great (although I’ll say I don’t think about deep conditioning my hair too much, ha!), they aren’t really the basics. But then as I scrolled down I found some articles that hit on what I was thinking about.

Simply put, self-care is taking care of yourself right? So while I think spa days are great and fit in there somewhere, we are missing the point if we think we gotta get fancy and do something special and spend a lot of money.

Let’s get simple. These four things are really important for your self-care, but are you doing them?

1. Take the time to eat, and to eat food that nourishes your body. So, if you eat in your car or gobble down your food at a computer I’m talking to you. Take a few minutes and nourish you body and your mind. And I hear you thinking you definitely don’t have time to eat healthy or cook, but take the time to make some better choices. If you have time to sit at a drive-thru then you have time to walk into a grocery store to pick something out a little better.

2. Sleep. SLEEP. Sleeeeeeep. I would have given just about anything if I could have slept last year. While I did in fact try a lot of things, I see where I let some things go on too long and there I was…not making it a priority in my life and that habit was like: I’m here. Deal with it. You gotta prioritize your sleep or it will catch up with you…you won’t recover as well from your workouts, you’ll feel terrible, you’ll gain weight (for a variety of reasons), and it will affect your motivation and mental state. Please make your sleep a priority before it becomes a problem and then you can’t. (PS – My sleep is getting better. Not as good as this cat, but better!) 

3. Move your body. You don’t have to train like a professional athlete and you don’t need to work out everyday, but getting out there is gonna make you feel so much better…physically and emotionally. Find something you like and do it. Think of exercise as something your body can do instead of something you have to do. Making yourself strong, physically and emotionally, that’s damn good self-care.

4. You can take a break. You actually don’t have to be going 24/7. Why do we feel like we need to be doing something every hour of every day? I’m incredibly guilty of this; however, I had a change of plans and heart last Monday when I was about to make a giant list of what I needed to get done while off last week. And then I thought for a minute…I haven’t had hardly any time off, why am I about to put myself to work all week? So, I didn’t. That right there was worth more than anything I’ve done in a while. I needed a break. We all need breaks and there is no shame in taking them.

I could go on and on, but I’ll finish with this. These are the basics of self-care. You deserve these things…for yourself. Not even so you can be better for others, but so you can just be better…for you. You deserve to eat well, rest properly, move and take a break. You deserve to feel amazing!