Seasonal Priorities

By May 21, 2020 May 22nd, 2020 blog

What’s most important in this season?


I once had a counselor tell me that we really can’t devote our full efforts and attention to more than 3-4 things at a time. And those things are constantly changing. The counselor encouraged me to make list of my top 3-4 most important goals in each season of life-which can be a month, 3 months, even a year. I can’t say that I do this in every season but I do it often.


For me, setting these goals helps me understand what’s a top priority and what’s not. When I know my priorities I am free to say ‘yes’ to anything that fits in my top priorities, and to say a guilt-free ‘no’ to what’s not. For example, my son was born in March and the summer after I was a mess. Finally, I sat down and wrote out my top 3-4 priorities, which were taking care of him, sleeping, eating healthy, and investing in friendships.  Knowing what was most important in that season allowed me to say no to everything else without feeling guilty about wanting to take a nap instead.

Setting my seasonal goals and priorities allows me to invest my time, my attention, even my money in to what is most important rather than messing with things that don’t fill up my cup and refresh me. It’s ok to not do everything all at once. It’s ok if something you love and is very important to you has to take a backseat for a few months. We’re dealing with a lot of unknowns and new normals right now. So take a minute and decide what’s most important. Things will come around and your priorities will change but don’t miss this moment in the meantime.