Our Current Superpowers (In A Very Powerless Current State)

By April 22, 2020 blog

What a strange time we’re living in. So many unknowns; so much change. If you’re anything like me, and you thrive on schedule and routine – and also control – then we’re feeling a little thrown off right now! The feeling of being powerless has crossed my mind quite a bit. It got to a point where I felt so stuck and without control- and thinking that I was going to feel this way for an unknown amount of time started to drive me up the wall! But then I had to stop and remind myself of what I do have control over. My superpowers. Here’s a few that crossed my mind.

Sleep. Would be the worst superhero movie ever, but it’s powerful for me. When I can control the amount of sleep I get, I am a much better human being the following day. And what better time to practice getting into a regular sleeping pattern than right now? Nothing is open to go do – theaters, concerts, restaurants, bars, friends. Nothing. So why not go to sleep at a reasonable hour? Get an extra hour in and feel the superhero come out of you the next day – ready to take on the endless zoom conversations, the children throwing shade your way, the 3 meals (+ 2 snacks) that you might be preparing day in and day out. For me, I thrive when I have slept well and for longer than 7 hours. Come at me quarantine day one million!

Self Care. It’s all the rage these days and I think it’s wonderful. People finally taking care of themselves. Finally giving themselves maybe 30 minutes a day to do whatever they want that will make them feel good; whole. It could be anything; : walking, listening to music or the birds, face masks or the other endless things you can lather on your skin, napping (praise hands for naps), re-watching The Office for the 7th time, cooking, calling a friend, or simply silence and reflection. For me, all I need is a run or a workout and then washing my hair afterwards. I’m telling you – I am a new women after I give myself that time. I am a much better wife, mom, sister, and friend when I give myself that time. A motto that I fully believe in is this: “It’s really hard to care of for others, consistently, when you don’t take time to care for yourself.” Whatever it is for you – please do it. If you can’t get 30 minutes, start with 5 minutes. Start anywhere – maybe that’s just setting a reminder on your phone every hour telling you that you matter. You’re doing an awesome job. Don’t forget about giving yourself some extra grace. It’s time we start taking care of ourselves guilt free. 

Encouragement. I’d watch this movie for sure. Just think, a movie all about people lifting other people up! So many people thrive on encouragement from others – so let’s be superheroes for other people in these days of uncertainty and give them some love! Write them a text, send a card, call your person, drop off a gift, make cookies and leave on them on their porch. People loving people will make all the difference in the next few weeks. Let’s make someone’s day. Reach out to someone who you haven’t talked to in a while. Encourage your neighbor who maybe doesn’t have loved ones at home or family in town. It doesn’t have to be extravagant – but vulnerability and sincerity can move mountains. There is a phrase called “Being a Thermostat”. It means that you can change the temperature in the room – or in our cases – 6 feet away from someone or via social media. TURN IT UP PEOPLE! Become a thermostat in your world, family, friendships, or neighborhood. Our society needs it. 

Movement. Have you ever spent an entire day doing nothing? I have and it’s nice. But then one day, turns into two, and then it’s Saturday and you haven’t moved your body in a week. Everything hurts. My mood is irritable. I’ve spent far too much time on social media that my eyes hurt. The sunlight makes me feel like a vampire. But then I go for a walk. I put on my sunscreen and follow behind my two year old running to find the next lawn ornament (thanks neighbors!). And instantly my mood lifts. My attitude shifts. Life is good. Movement is so important for our mental health and our souls. Maybe it’s taking an online Zoom class with Missy. Maybe it’s walking around your neighborhood with your dog. It might just be the squat challenge because that’s all your day can fit in right now! DO THE SQUATS.  Whatever movement is for you- do it. Just because the gyms are closed and your walking partner is off limits, doesn’t mean that movement is closed. Do yourself (mind, body, and spirit) a favor – and move today. You won’t regret it!