October Member of the Month

By October 27, 2021 Uncategorized
Congrats to our October Member of the Month, Sarah!
Sarah is a regular in the Endurance 6AM classes and Saturday Hurricanes. She’s been upping her weights & challenging herself a lot lately! She does a great job of taking notes, which helps her track her progress and know when it’s time to bump up the challenge level. Sarah can often be seen sporting a huge smile when those weights feel heavy or the movement gets tough. She’s working hard but still having fun and that attitude is contagious in class!
Here’s a little more about Sarah!
What did your fitness journey look like before coming to Dragonfly?
Before Dragonfly I worked out at a big chain gym. I had no idea if I was doing things correctly and was afraid to try new exercises so I stuck with what I was comfortable with. This made my workouts monotonous and boring so I wasn’t very consistent.
What motivates you to keep consistent with your training?
Dare I say it… the workouts are actually fun! I like how they change every 8 weeks so we can challenge ourselves by adding weight or working harder, but also know we won’t be stuck doing the same workout forever. I also feel like the the ladies in the classes work as a team to push each other and since it’s generally the same group of people we keep each other accountable for showing up.
What’s your favorite recent gym related accomplishment?
When I first started at Dragonfly I used the lightest weights possible (and it was a struggle!) and never imagined I’d be able to move up to the heavier weights that I use now. This comes in handy when I need to move all the large Amazon packages inside before my husband sees them.
What would you say to someone that might be nervous to get started with strength training? One of my favorite quotes is “To be successful you must be comfortable with being uncomfortable”. It’s going to feel really awkward at first, but the coaches at Dragonfly do an excellent job keeping tabs on everyone during the workout and we’ve all been the new person at some point so we understand and cheer each other on.
Bonus – How do you think your Dragonfly coaches would describe you? A few weeks ago I was told I smile while powering through a workout… so maybe happy and determined?!
Thanks for bring such a rockstar member, Sarah!