October Member of the Month: Maureen

By October 11, 2019 blog


Focused. Fun. Fierce!

Congratulations to our October Member of the Month – Maureen!

We are thrilled to honor Maureen as our inspiring Member of the Month! Maureen is always willing to work hard, try new things, and is a great team player/motivator to her fellow Dragonflies.  It’s so fun when our members surprise themselves with what they can do and it’s been great watching Maureen get stronger and more confident in the movements we do in class (scap pulls!).  🙂

Keep working for your goals Maureen!

We asked Maureen a few questions about her training experience and here’s what she had to say:


What first convinced you to give strength training a try?

In the beginning of my workout journey years ago all I heard about was cardio, cardio, cardio. I was initially interested in strength training because I hate cardio!  So lifting and bodyweight exercises were my way out of that nightmare. But I really grew to love how powerful and strong it made me feel and the changes it made on my body and mind.  Strength training at Dragonfly has given me so much confidence!


What’s your favorite class to take?

I can’t pick just one!  Of course I love Lift because I get to see how much progress I can make in 6 weeks…like doing floor push ups, pushing a prowler or walking up a wall upside down!  But CardioStrong really challenges me and I love that too.  Did I just say I love cardio?!


What’s one lesson you’ve learned (inside or outside the gym!) since starting at Dragonfly?

I’ve learned that I thrive in a community of like-minded, badass women who support and challenge each other. I’ve learned that I’m way stronger than I think and that I can do hard things.  And I’ve come to understand that my time at the gym makes me a better mother, friend, wife…everything!


What would you say to other ladies who might be nervous to start strength training?

I would tell them that strength training is the best way to feel powerful both mentally and physically and we all know we want more of that!  It won’t make you bulky, but it will make you bad-assy.


Bonus: What’s your favorite type of music or specific songs to work out to?

My favorite music to workout to is anything that makes me feel like I’m about to walk up to the plate and hit a homerun.  I love a good “walk up song” no matter the genre!


Thank you Maureen for being a part of Dragonfly! Dragonfly’s Member of the Month is selected by our coaches and receives an assortment of supplements and $50.00 toward their membership or merchandise.