Need Help Falling Asleep?

By June 29, 2022 blog

By Coach Denise

I sleep just fine but trying to fall asleep has been a problem for me for a few years now. I’ve read and listened to sleep experts tell me all the things that can contribute to a good night’s sleep i.e., use your bed only for sleep, restrict caffeine, lower the temperature in your bedroom, don’t use electronic devices right before bed, etc.
I try and do all these things, but I added another habit that works for me which is a white noise app. I use Relax Melodies. It is a free app but for a price you can upgrade. Thunderstorm, Distant Train, and Canadian Forest are my favorites.
It is so simple. I put my phone on the charger, set the alarm, and hit “Thunderstorm” and I imagine I’m in my Grandma’s farmhouse listening to a thunderstorm off in the distance. Here is the app I use, but there are lots to choose from in your App Store.