Moving Forward

By April 22, 2020 blog

Life throws us unexpected things. We can all 100% agree on that right now.

And we’re only human. It’s easy to get caught up in things and make them worse than what they are. It’s also easy to get stuck in how unfair it all is. To sit and wallow for a bit. Pieces of life that are being missed right now.

As a business owner I’ve had some tough pills to swallow lately. Maybe you have too. In fact, I’m sure you have. 

Wallowing, worry… it can make me press pause.

But pressing pause won’t move us forward.

So instead of constantly thinking of what is in the past, which only drags me further backwards… I’ve accepted the present and I’m working on ways to move forward in the best way I can – – personally and professionally.


1 – Acceptance. You gotta accept where you are right now and how things are right now before you can move forward. Period. And that doesn’t mean you can’t try to change things and make them better. If you’re resisting, if you’re waiting for normal…you’re missing out on moving forward.


2 – Making the best of this moment. I’ll admit, it took me a minute to work this one out. If you have anxiety, then you’ll understand. I’m not living (as they say) my best life, but I am living my life and appreciating what I have. While I’m not spending leisurely days by the pool, writing a book, or learning a new language (that might provide you with some relief or validation!), I am sleeping, training, enjoying the sunshine, and accomplishing things. Normal things. Before I go to bed every night I think of all the good things from the day. It helps me to remember to appreciate where I am and to make the best of it.


3 – Looking to the future. Am I doing what I need to do now to move towards the future I want? Or, at the very least — is it helping me move away from what I don’t want? I’m working very hard in my business right now — not necessarily for the present — but so there’s a business to come back to in the future. Planting seeds now…not eating the fruit. I’m keeping up with my training now because I still want to be strong. I’m keeping some good nutrition habits — I still want to feel good, now and later. It’s all hard, but…must…move…forward.


We’re all dealing with this in different ways. None are right and none are wrong. I’m just encouraging you to move forward. Small steps. Live your life. Appreciate what you have. I realize that literally everything may feel harder right now — me too. But that’s just how it is right now. Let’s don’t let it get any harder by pushing things away.


Life has its ups and downs, but you’ve gotta keep looking forward. -Samson Jones 😉🐾