Mind Your Mindset

By April 7, 2020 blog
Last week we had our first virtual coffee chat! One of our members, Hope, led the conversation regarding positive mindset. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is all sunshine and rainbows. Not at all. But it’s important to practice some understanding and positivity. Mind your mindset if you will.
Here are a few of her tips that really resonated with me.
*Even in times of stress, anxiety or grief there’s also room for joy. Allow yourself to have conflicting emotions at once. Find a place that allows for joy amongst stress.
For me, it sometimes feels that it has to be one way or the other. Having both doesn’t make sense. However I’ve been learning, for a while now, how to just let all of the emotions live together. It feels a little harder right now, but it’s important to allow ourselves to find some joy.
*Practice gratitude. But in a different way than usual. At the end of the day, write down three things that went well.
I’ve been picking out the good things from every day. And it’s been really helpful. Things from yesterday….a nice email, I got a lot accomplished, and my husband made homemade pizza for dinner. I am always grateful for good health, my family, my home, my business, the ability to have the things we need — those are always grateful for things. Especially now. However, writing down three things that went well or three good things about your day is a little different way to remain grateful and I think the specificity of it is really helpful day-to-day.
*Practice optimism. Instead of worst case scenario, consider the best case scenario. Make space for the good you want to work toward. It can be short-term or long-term. Be sure to write it down.
Mind blowing. What? I’m a pretty positive person, but I’m also realistic. And a bit of a worrier. Ok, I can be a worst case scenario gal sometimes too.
Find the good. How can I, how can we come out of this a little better? I’ve literally never asked myself — what is the best case scenario? I’m going to try to practice that more often.
┬áIs there something above that might be helpful for you? Do you have a practice that you are already using for mindset? I’d love to hear about it!