Member Business Spotlight

By July 18, 2022 blog
We’d like to take a moment and highlight Dragonfly Member, Julie Layton! Julie has been a member at Dragonfly for 3 years and she has her own business coaching healthy home-cooking. We asked Julie about her business and her experience with Dragonfly and this is what she had to say:
My business is Generous Helping, home-cooking coaching for the healthy-curious. I started my business in January 2021 after dreaming about somehow sharing my love of nutrition and cooking with others for many years. I’m a self-taught home cook with a passion for empowering health-curious people to discover the amazing things real food can do for your body, mind and spirit, and coaching them to become their own favorite home cook. Check out my website to learn about all the ways we can work together!
I joined Dragonfly just after turning 40. Up until then, I had dabbled in exercise classes at the Y, and had run my first 5k the year before, but never took fitness very seriously. I wanted something consistent, challenging and fun. I wanted to feel intentional about my fitness and wanted to belong to a gym that I felt was paying attention to my progress. And DFT definitely gave me all that. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and love every second.
I remember, after joining DFT in 2015, the thing that struck me the most is what I was actually capable of. Back then, we would come to a class not knowing what was in store for us until we saw the plan written up on the dry-erase board. That moment of unveiling the class plan always filled me with a bit of apprehension and anxiety. My classic default is getting too much in my head, and I would tell myself that I probably wouldn’t be able to do the 50 KB swings or whatever it was, and would most likely embarrass myself. All my life, I never wanted to take a risk doing something that I couldn’t do perfectly from the start, which kept me from doing quite a bit as you might imagine. But class would begin, and as I got into my body, I quickly let go of those anxious thoughts, would struggle, laugh and accomplish what I could. And ta-da! Class would end, and I realized that I could do that thing I thought would be difficult. Dragonfly taught me the lesson of taking on a challenge, letting go of fear and realizing what I was actually capable of.
I still have to learn this lesson over and over again. Not only at DFT, but in life. And especially with my business. I get fearful that I can’t actually do the thing that I’ve written up on the metaphoric dry-erase board. But when I take on these challenges in bite-size pieces and stay patient with my progress, I look back and realize despite my fears, I actually got stronger. It doesn’t happen overnight. But it also doesn’t happen if you don’t keep at it.
My favorite part of being a member at Dragonfly is belonging to a strong (in all senses) community of women—coaches and members alike—with a wholehearted culture. Our amazing coaches challenge us to work to our highest potential, see and praise our progress, know each and every one of our names on our first day, encourage laughter along the way, and create a compassionate home where we all feel comfortable to try new things. And those values are shared by every member I know. I’m not a person who likes to join things. And when I do, I find a way to be a little cynical about it. So the fact that anyone who knows me knows that I consider Dragonfly the best gym in the world and that I encourage any woman I know to join says a lot.
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