Meet Kelly, Member Of The Year

By February 28, 2020 blog

Kelly Brennan, Dragonfly Member Of The Year

We caught Kelly on a cold Friday morning in January right after our 6am classes to announce that she had been selected as our 2019 Member of the Year. Maybe it was too early for a surprise, but it was a nice surprise!

We simply cannot say enough about how awesome Kelly is. If we had to define her in one word it would be perseverance. Kelly shows up no matter what and puts in the work. She has worked through quite a few injuries over the years, has never complained or blamed…she just keeps moving forward. We’ve been lucky to work with her in several different capacities…group training, semi-private training and nutrition coaching. So we know her pretty well!

Kelly made our choice for Member of the Year easy. While she has been a member for many years, we felt that her work and effort stood out last year! So, here we are. We think she’s pretty awesome — she represents all that we want Dragonfly to be. Find out more about Kelly and her journey below.

What do you do for a living? What do your days look like?

I am hairstylist. I have owned Studio Visage Salon since 1997. Nowadays my morning is playing with my two dogs, going to the gym, typically a 9am’er…except Fridays..I actually get up early to come in. Then it’s home to soak in the tub and get ready for work at the salon. Sleep and repeat! I play in a golf league on Wednesday mornings from April through October. And I have recently become a Tupperware consultant, so I’m busy learning a lot about that right now as well.
What’s one thing about you that we may not know?
One thing most people don’t know about me is…I finished my final year of competitive fast pitch softball with a 500 batting average.
Do you have a goal for 2020? (Inside or outside the gym!)

Learn to be happy where I am and give myself credit for the obstacles I’ve overcome. (To sum that up… stop being so dang hard on myself.)

Oh, and play more golf!


What did your fitness journey look like before coming to Dragonfly?

My fitness before Dragonfly…whoa..if I go back..way back..I was an extremely active young person. Then I think I had so many other people and pets and my business to build that I forgot to take care of me. I gained a lot of weight and had torn my ACL twice. That was a good excuse to not do too much. I found myself only 51 years old and I could barely get up from the floor without having something to grab onto. So a couple years after a divorce from 23 years of marriage to an addict, I decided to take my daughter Karli up on her suggestion to work out with her and a trainer. The problem for me was that it was 30 minutes away and there were times I would talk myself out of going on the way there! I got a bit better and decided I needed to find something closer to home. A friend suggested Dragonfly and the rest is history.

How do you view training and being fit versus how you viewed it when you joined Dragonfly?

Fitness comes in different shapes and sizes for sure! I also now relate it more to a healthy balance of all the things. When I started I did not want to do the Lift classes. I took the Lift classes mainly because they worked with my schedule, and I have to say that was a blessing in disguise because I believe those classes have done the most to transform my body in the shortest amount of time.
I actually think about fitness now! And I don’t think about fad diets, which is how I used to try to lose weight. I like getting strong and seeing muscles where I didn’t see them before! Today I can’t imagine not going to the gym. I even worked out on vacation, which took a lot for me to walk in that hotel gym. It was scary, but I had some encouragement from our Dragonfly Facebook group…and I did it! Before Dragonfly I felt old, out of shape and unhappy with my appearance. Today I feel stronger, more confident and I have more energy. It feels good to spend an hour a day with positive, strong ladies!

What is one common misconception about health and fitness that you’ve learned to ignore?

The one thing I ignore now is all the fad diets. I was super lucky last year and won a 6 week nutrition and semi-private training package and it really was a turning point for me. I now have a better understanding of balance in nutrition. I drink water all day, gave up caffeine, tried some new foods through our shared recipes and I’m  learning to be a better more adventurous eater! (It’s a process.)

You’ve accomplished so much since you’ve been at Dragonfly. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I truly have a hard time recognizing my accomplishments, so I was quite surprised by this! But I have to say just the fact that I overcame the fear to make the call to Dragonfly, walk through those doors and I’m still here almost 4 years later is what I’m proud of. I’m sticking to caring for myself!

What has been the greatest struggle in your fitness journey so far and what advice would you give to anyone else that may be struggling?

My biggest struggle has definitely been injuries…old ones that limited my ability to do certain movements…knee, shoulders, then breaking my foot. I was so afraid if I couldn’t come work out that I wouldn’t come back, so I came and did what I could. My advice is to just keep showing up, check your ego at the door, communicate with the coaches and keep moving!