March Member of the Month: Maggie

By March 9, 2020 blog

Fun. Fierce. Stronger than she thinks!

Congratulations to our March Member of the Month, Maggie!

Maggie brings such a positive energy to Dragonfly and always gives it her all in class – that’s what we love about her! We’ve really enjoyed partnering with Maggie over the past few months to put together a plan to end her back pain. She has been willing to modify as needed, and in the end feels better because of it and gets more out of the movements! Big high five to Maggie for trusting the process and really focusing in on form. She continues to get stronger! We’re really proud of you Maggie and love hearing about all the new kinds of strength you are building – we look forward to seeing all of your progress…pain-free!!
We asked Maggie a few questions about her training experience and here’s what she had to say:
What first brought you to Dragonfly?
I was having bad back pain and my previous trainers weren’t as invested in helping. I heard that the Dragonfly trainers would find that unacceptable and would help. I also really liked that it is a women’s gym where I’d feel more comfortable and inspired. And that the classes were much smaller with a tight community.
What has been the greatest struggle in your fitness journey so far?
Letting go of my ego and accepting that I can’t do all the exercises that everyone else can, sometimes I just need to modify / work on getting my core stronger by engaging it correctly.
What has been your most memorable personal record or accomplishment so far?
Lifting the 40 pound deadball over my shoulders and being able to lift 103 pounds with my deadlift – without back pain. That took several months of strength building and I honestly didn’t think I would be able to lift either. This has really encouraged me to keep trying and to not give up.
Do you have a goal for 2020? (Inside or outside the gym!)
To strengthen my core and no longer have back pain. And to keep on traveling the world!
Bonus: What’s your favorite type of music or specific songs to work out to?
I love anything I can dance to, it makes movements like skaters feel like dance moves! Like Taylor Swift, JLO, Panic! at the Disco, Britney….so Pop!
Thank you Maggie for being a part of Dragonfly! Dragonfly’s Member of the Month is selected by our coaches and receives an assortment of supplements and $50.00 toward their membership or merchandise.