Leave Your Ego At The Door (And Get The Most Out Of Your Training)

By February 17, 2019 blog

Fitness is hard. But don’t maker it harder by dragging your ego in with you. (Especially here at Dragonfly. We only have so much room ya know!) Whether you’re seasoned or brand new, here are some tips to make sure that you check yo self before you wreck yo self. (And if you are brand new or making a comeback, leaving your ego at the door can also help with some of those beginner fears!)

Use these tips to stay safe and reap all the benefits of your time in the gym!

#1 Go back to basics and check your form. If you’ve been piling on weight or doing movements that you weren’t ready for then you’ve likely picked up some bad habits. Doing movements correctly and with a full range of motion first will provide you with much more benefit than doing them heavier and wrong. I often find that when I take a step back and simply focus on form that I get stronger much faster. 

#2 Take responsibility. Accept where you are today. Stop making excuses…. if my car had been a little warmer, if my left pinky toe hadn’t been acting up, if I had the right shoes…I could totally do that today. Sometimes we just simply need to get stronger. Nothing wrong with that. That includes us coaches too.

#3 Take suggestions. If you are paying for a coach, then be coachable. They are assuming that you want their help and expertise, and have your best interest in mind. Just understand that more is not always better (see #1). Ask questions, but trust the process. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money and their time. Eventually even the best coaches will get frustrated when they try to help a client that just won’t listen. 

#4 Make it about you. It’s not about what the person next to you can do. I’ve mentioned this before, but if you spend your time trying to beat everyone at everything you are going to be one unhappy camper. Beat yourself. Do your best. Give it a solid effort with integrity.  If you can walk out better than you came in then your training session or class has served its purpose.

We all get a little too big for our britches sometimes. It happens. But I think all of these tips can help us keep ourselves in check!

Leave your ego at the door and you’ll get better! Photo: Extreme Traiing