Last-Minute Gift Ideas

By December 21, 2020 blog






Still on the hunt and trying your best to shop small? Here are a few ideas for you!

By the way…I try to shop small businesses when I can, but I am especially loving the intentional shopping I am doing this year.  And that I am seeing others do.


For the health & fitness lover…

Dragonfly Fitness & Black Dog Fitness, of course!!

While we mostly seek out long-term relationships LOL (3 months +)…we do offer some short-term training!

Private Kettlebell Training with the only StrongFirst Level 2 Instructor in STL (That’s a big deal y’all! 😉

Do you have a kettlebell lover in your life or someone who wants to get started with bells? I offer single focus sessions over in Black Dog Fitness that can focus on the movements of their choice. You would be surprised how much difference a one hour session can make in someone’s swing or get-up form! I speak to each person before the session so I can lay out a plan and also follow up with appropriate photos/videos and notes so they have a reference as they continue to train on their own!


Single Focus Sessions for beginners or anyone training on their own

Or maybe you know someone who goes to the gym on their own, but could use some help with form? It doesn’t have to be kettlebells, we also do one hour sessions focusing on the movements of choice!

Email me @ if you have interest or questions!

Big River Running… If your loved one already shops at Big River I bet they can look up their account/purchase history and give you some great gift ideas!


For the food and drink lover…

Gift certificates are always a great idea! Some of my local favorites… Edibles & Essentials, Kounter Kulture, Aya Sofia, Onesto…the list goes on! Make it a special night in. Or see if they have something special on the menu that would make a great gift. I just got my husband the homemade pistachio liquor from Aya Sofia. What about a gift certificate and some Sangria or a dessert to go?

I was at Urban Matter over the weekend and they have some really cool gifts from local small businesses/artists…coffee mugs, drink mixes, honey, etc. They also have an assortment of items from housewares to jewelry to kids items.

My husband is into craft beer…he brews his own too. So I almost always try to find him new beers and Craft Beer Cellar has a great selection! Also, several small breweries have special memberships you can purchase…if you know your person had a favorite, hop onto the website to see if they offer a club or membership.




For the animal lover…

The Wagamama just opened in the neighborhood and… I got a few things. LOL. A cat mug for my parents and some items for my dog babies! Lots of fun stuff. And, you can grab a coffee or tea there too.

I get all of my boys treats at Treats Unleashed. They have several locations across the area. I’m a sucker when it comes to anything for my dogs!



Perfect gifts for anyone…

Abigail’s Gift Boutique… Abby has so much cute stuff in stock! I snagged these candles one morning…made locally and a portion of profits go to local shelters. And she’s right down the street! Get in there!


Urban Matter… Mentioned above, so many unique items and lots of items from local folks!


Books!… We have a famous STL author among us. Have you seen Amanda Doyle’s books? She has a lot of great books about STL! If you can’t find her, email me and I can give you a direct line to purchase!


The Novel Neighbor… Books and cute stuff in stock! I ordered a mystery box for my parents and it was right on! I think they are really going to enjoy the items that were put together for them!


There are so many great small businesses I couldn’t possibly cover them all, but I hope this helped a little if you are in need of a last-minute gift!