Dragonfly Owner and StrongFirst Level 2 Certified Kettlebell Coach Renah Jones offers kettlebell coaching for other coaches, as well as kettlebell enthusiasts.

Individual sessions are available if you are training for your SFG Level 1 or 2. Renah has gone through each certification, as well as the recertification process and can help you nail down for form to ensure an awesome weekend with a pass! Renah also offers individual sessions to other coaches that do not have a kettlebell certification, but would like to learn the best ways to cue and coach their own clients.

Sessions for those seeking their SFG certification and for coaches are designed to each individual’s specific needs and are $75 per session. Renah also offers several coaches workshops throughout the year. Please check our Events page for more info.

Individual sessions are also available for the kettlebell enthusiast that wants to learn more about the kettlebell, or wants to perfect select movements. Sessions are individualized, one hour and are $85 each. There are workshops and special 6-week programs held throughout the year. Check out our events page for more info.