Keeping Life Simple (Part 1)

By September 8, 2020 September 11th, 2020 blog


I’ve been trying to, umm, simplify lately. I’m trying to take in all the lessons that are being given during this time *sigh* and one big one has been to take better care of myself. By that I mean work less, stress less, sleep more, be present and keep it simple. I have found some things that work well for me right now and I’ve fully embraced them. I wanted to share some of those with you, starting with food and nutrition.


One thing I decided I need to keep simple is cooking, meal prepping, etc. Simple as in, I’m not doing it. (And if you know me, then you know it was already pretty simple.) Add grocery shopping to that list too. We pretty much order the same stuff each week — it’s so easy. Since I’m not really spending much time cooking then there’s no need to go to the store to look around at this point. We have a simple system and it’s working. (My husband has also simplified his nutrition due to some GI issues.)


Feeling good and eating well is still important of course. Actually, it has become even more important. I’ve had a crapload of anxiety and things I’ve never had to deal with before (maybe you can relate?), so eating well and paying attention to how I feel has helped me on the daily.


Here are a few ways I’m keeping it simple! 


#1 FUL Meals

Don’t wanna cook? Let someone else do the cooking for you. I’ve been getting FUL meals for months now and eat them for lunch or dinner. All of the meals have the same nutritional composition – 380 calories, 28 grams of protein, 36g carbs, 14g fat. They are free of gluten, added sugar, dairy, soy, preservatives and hormones. No need to wonder if you’re eating something good for you – you are! What I like best is that they are FLAVORFUL! They are the only prepared meals I’ve had that have spice and flavor. I’ll even eat the broccoli. They are delivered to the studio every Monday, so I’m not sure it could get any easier. (Chicken Tikka Masala – one of my faves!) They also now offer a few new vegan and plant-based meals. Find out more here:



#2 My standard breakfast

I pretty much have the same breakfast every single day. Sometimes I have this for lunch. It’s easy, tasty and includes everything I wanna get from breakfast – plenty of protein, some veggies, some carbs. (2 eggs, spinach, chicken breakfast sausage, sprouted grain toast). I’ve been eating this every day for quite a while. (I have surprisingly not  gotten tired of eating this yet.) If you’re having trouble with any meal — start a rotation of a few favorite things — keep it simple!



#3 Daily Harvest

Another done-for-you situation. I had a subscription several years ago to this, and I just started back a few months ago. Yes, I could make smoothies and oat bowls all on my own — but they have some fun combos. If I tried to re-create I might just end up wasting food. I also get their chia bowls, harvest bowls, soup bowls, and flatbread. These make great meals, mini meals, whatever you are looking for. Grab and go. I love adding protein powder to some of their smoothies and shredded chicken to the harvest bowls or flatbreads. I love the healthy ingredients, the flavor combos and the fact that everything is frozen so it lasts a while. (Sidenote: Daily Harvest also makes ice cream and it is amazing. A-ma-zing! A main ingredient is coconut cream so a little goes a long way.) If you want $25 off your first order, holler at me ( I have a code! (I love discount codes!)



#4 Go-To Snacks

So snacks, junk food…this can be a problem, right? I mean I love junk food as much as anyone. There is nothing better than a chip. Am I right?! But really, that just doesn’t work for me most days (I didn’t say I never have straight up junk food!). These are some favorite snacks, mini meals, or just food to satisfy a craving. We keep them in stock: Catalina Crunch & Bone Broth (both are great quick mini-meals), Paleo Puffs &  protein waffles (snacks — or to satisfy that sweet or chip craving). These work for me and I enjoy eating them just as much as anything that might not be so good for me. (Find better-for-you snacks and keep them handy!)



This isn’t all I eat of course — but my week-to-week looks real similar and I don’t spend a lot of time on it. Dinner is some sort of protein and a vegetable (or a bagged salad, always a fave! LOL.) I’m living that #nomealpreplife, but I do know what I’m eating each day and I’m getting what I need. I feel good and it works for me right now.

Eating healthy does not mean you have to spend hours and hours prepping and cooking, unless you want to. And just because you aren’t cooking much doesn’t mean you are cheating or something is missing either. For me… I just have other stuff right now and I’m not interested in spending hours contemplating or working on my meals.

Don’t complicate your nutrition to the point that you end up eating unhealthy. Keep it simple if you’re already stressed about things. Grocery stores have plenty of prepared foods now and there are healthier selections in the frozen aisle than ever before. Aim for a little better. It can make a huge difference in how you feel.


Are you simplifying things? Have you found a system for your nutrition that works for you? I would love to hear your thoughts! (