Keep It Simple

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For a long time, I would consistently spend about 50 minutes or so, on average, 5 days a week working on strength training with some running mixed in when the weather was nice. I love it, it’s my jam! It’s why I am where I am with Dragonfly – I started as a member if you didn’t know!

Almost two years ago, my mom got sick.  When all of the sudden, you need to parent your parent, it’s…..well, it’s a lot.  My time was very much not my time. If I wasn’t at work or sleeping, I was at the hospital, at my parent’s house helping my dad, attempting to figure out all that is involved with long-term elder care, and the list goes on.  Guess what came to a screeching halt? The time I had to work out. For a bit, anyway.  

Self: I don’t have any time!!  And I’m a zombie. Slightly more logical self:  You can find 15 – 20 minutes.  You can make that time.

Doing something, even if it’s super simple, and only for 15 – 20 minutes, is enough.  It’s enough to keep you on track with being consistent, it’s enough to get your heart rate up, it’s enough to get your lungs burning, it’s enough to make you feel good, it’s enough. Something is better than nothing.

At the height of care taking and non-stop hospital visits, I’m not gonna lie,  I was the weirdo doing walking lunges up and down the hallway of the emergency room at 1am.  I needed to move (those chairs are terrible), to distract myself, and wake up (hospital coffee – blech).  I did as many as possible for 5 minutes. It totally helped. And I probably gave the staff a good giggle.

I’ve carried a kettlebell around in my car and done short complexes in my parent’s living room.  

I’ve done some of our Dragonfly Weekend Workouts in my bedroom, in my pajamas, because I had 10 minutes and if I didn’t do it then, it was NOT going to happen. 

Again, keep it simple.  If the option is doing nothing or doing a 10 minute AMRAP of 5 squats, 5 burpees, 5/5 pledge planks, 5 knee grab sit ups – do the 10 minute AMRAP.  Just because it isn’t deadlifting for your new 3-rep max, or beating your best time in a Chipper, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Plus, it will keep you in the habit and you’ll feel better!  Don’t forget taking a walk is sometimes just as beneficial. Stress relief, fresh air – good stuff!

Two years later, and you know what?  I can still do a few pull-ups in a row, can still do push ups, can still do front squats, kettlebell swings, get-ups, deadlifts, and all the other fun things.  

Here’s a few of my go-to “I don’t have a lot of time but gotta move” workouts. 

4 Rounds for time: 

5 Squats

10 Pulsing squats 

15 Squat jumps

20 Burpees

5 Rounds:

10 KBS

10 Burpees


4 Rounds:

SL RDL x 8/8

SA Strict Press (or Z-Press) x 8/8