June Member of the Month

By June 8, 2022 blog

Congrats to June Member of the Month, Cindy!

When Cindy started at Dragonfly, she told us it was pretty different from things she’d done in the past.  It’s been so fun to see her go from unsure about some of the movements to regularly stepping outside her comfort zone to try the new thing.  She’s become stronger and more confident.  Go Cindy!!

We asked Cindy some questions about her experience at Dragonfly and this is what she had to say:

What separates your experience at Dragonfly from other gyms/workouts/things you’ve tried in the past?

Dragonfly stands out because of the culture and community.  Dragonfly is woman owned and only women.  Due to that, the intimidation factor is removed when it comes to working out in a gym.  It is refreshing that there are no complicated machines to adjust. The equipment used for both endurance and weight training are streamlined and yet incredibly versatile.  The small class sessions allow the coaches the opportunity to observe and provide appropriate instruction to everyone.  Every eight weeks there are new routines, so the workouts are always challenging and never boring.  All members cheer one another as there is progress and milestones reached every day.  There is even inspiration to support local charitable organizations.

Is there anything that strength training has taught you or given you that you weren’t expecting?

I have learned to really appreciate that I am treated as a unique individual with strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and limitations.  I have always felt respected to progress at my own pace and yet encouraged to take it to the next level.  I have gained knowledge to be in healthy competition with myself.  As a new member, some of the progressions were really frightening.  My first thoughts were, ‘no, I can’t do that’, or ‘I’m not ready for that’, ‘oh my knees aren’t going to be happy’.  I have gained confidence and the courage to progress to the next weight increment or advance in the amount of time I can do a hollow hold, side plank, or a hang, and push myself a little harder.  Perfection is not the goal – only personal progress.

Share with us something that you are proud of from the past few weeks or months!

When I joined Dragonfly nearly two years ago, I was focused on working out to lose weight.  But then I learned that gaining muscle strength, bone density, heart health, circulation, and mental acuity are significant to my overall health and wellbeing.  I am proud that I am motivated to show up for workouts, and I never expected that I would love rowing and kettlebell swings!

Thank you, Cindy, for being AWESOME and for sharing that with us here at Dragonfly!