June Member of the Month: “I feel optimistic, empowered and proud of my body.”

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“It doesn’t matter what mood or head space I’m in when I walk through the door –
when I leave, I feel optimistic, empowered, and proud of my body.” 

Meet Sarah, Dragonfly’s June Member of the Month!

Sarah has been a member of Dragonfly since March 2017. Dragonfly coaches say she is positive, works hard, and is always ready to take on a challenge! You can often find Sarah cheering on others in class, or working with a coach to get her form or challenge for the day just right! She’s always smiling and brings a lot of positivity to Dragonfly!
We asked Sarah about her training and here’s what she had to say:

What first brought you to Dragonfly?

After trying several other “traditional” gyms in the area, I found myself craving a different type of environment and gym experience. I had previous experience with personal training, and thought more accountability might help me stay on track. Dragonfly seemed almost “too good to be true” when I discovered it, but the group-training, and women-centered environment was exactly what I needed.

Have you noticed any unexpected benefits from your training?

Progress in areas that I didn’t expect. I spent so much of my time on weight-loss focused exercise prior to DFT, so it’s still surprising when I hit milestones that have nothing to do with my weight. Whether it’s a strength-based PR, faster row time, or better nutrition habits, I’m learning to celebrate a wider variety of successes and be proud of myself and my body.

What is one common misconception about health and fitness that you’ve learned to ignore?

That there’s no place in the fitness community for plus-size and/or bigger women! Wherever you’re at, whatever your goals are, there’s a place for you. It’s easy to feel intimidated, but that’s one of the things I love about Dragonfly – they meet you where you are, and help you figure out what’s the best path for you.

What would you say to a friend to convince them to join you in class?

I’d tell them how genuinely happy I feel after I finish a class at Dragonfly. It doesn’t matter what mood or head space I’m in when I walk through the door – when I leave, I feel optimistic, empowered, and proud of my body. Even after the hardest workouts. That’s not something you always get from a traditional gym.

Bonus: What would be the name of your autobiography?

Oh goodness. Ask me again in 10 years, because right now it would be something to the effect of “Hot Mess” or “I’m Doing My Best”.

You’re awesome Sarah! Thank you for being a part of Dragonfly! Dragonfly’s Member of the Month is selected by our coaches and receives an assortment of Skoop products, protein bars and $50 toward their membership!

If you’re ready to realize your strength, find out more about our women’s fitness studio at DFT-STL.com. Drop us a line through the contact form, and one of our awesome trainers will be in touch to learn about your personal fitness goals!