July Member of the Month: “One of the best things I have done for myself…”

By July 6, 2018 blog, Uncategorized

Meet Maggie, Dragonfly’s July Member of the Month!

Maggie has been a member of Dragonfly since January 2017. Dragonfly coaches say she is hard working, positive and consistent! Maggie is always working towards getting better and often asks for feedback from her coaches. In addition to group training, Maggie took our Strong Women semi-private training to get comfortable with the barbell and we have seen her at many of our member skills clinics. When Maggie started she didn’t know how strong she was. Now she is learning that she is stronger than she thinks!

We asked Maggie about her training and here’s what she had to say:

How long have you been  strength training?

 I signed up with DFT in January 2017 and it’s the first time I used weights for any exercise.  Prior to DFT I did some spinning and lots of walking.

What’s your favorite exercise or equipment to use?

I really like almost everything we do. I do like Turkish Get-ups – I know it may be crazy to some people but once I got the hang of it I really like them! Deadlifts are another favorite because I have made so much progress and it’s something that I could hardly do when I first started. Kettlebell swings are a favorite too!

What has been your most memorable personal record or accomplishment so far?

I tell everyone that one of the best things I have done for myself is joining Dragonfly and to still be here almost 2 years later is an accomplishment! Being able to  deadlift 105 pounds for me is a record.

What would you say to other ladies who might be nervous to start strength training? 

I know I was nervous when I first started since I had never done any group training before, but everyone here is so supportive and helpful that the nervousness went away pretty quickly. I would tell anyone to take a chance and get out of your comfort zone and see what happens. You will love it!

Bonus: What’s your favorite type of music or specific songs to work out to?

You guys play great music.  A few of my favorite songs to work out to are – Are you Gonna Be My Girl by Jet, Been Caught Stealing by Jane’s Addiction, and A-Punk by Vampire Weekend.

Thank you for being a part of Dragonfly Maggie! We love being a part of your journey and seeing how strong you are becoming!

Dragonfly’s Member of the Month is selected by our coaches and receives an assortment of Skoop products, protein bars and $50 toward their membership!


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