July Member of the Month

By July 14, 2022 blog

Congrats to July Member of the Month, Kristina!

Kristina has been killing it! She had hip surgery and worked diligently with her doctors and was able to rehab quickly and get back into her Dragonfly groove.  She didn’t give up when things she was doing before surgery were more of a challenge after (you know the coaches have all kinds of optional movements & modifications!).  She’s gotten stronger and is doing all kinds of challenging exercises like renegade rows with kettlebells!!
You rock, Kristina!  Thanks for inspiring the members and the coaches at Dragonfly!


We asked Kristina some questions about her experience at Dragonfly and this is what she had to say:

Does the Dragonfly community play a part in your gym experience? (Ex: meeting new folks that have common interests, seeing the same folks each week, making new friends, etc.)

Yes! I moved here from Akron, OH in November 2017, and joined Dragonfly 3 months later. It can be hard making friends as an adult, and I’ve met so many amazing women here. It’s fun seeing the same folks each week in certain classes, but it’s also super cool to develop great friendships that involve getting together outside of the gym. Bonus: There’s a decent sized group of fellow librarians at Dragonfly! Along with gym members, the coaches are wonderful and get to know you. They often know what’s going on with our lives and support us in and outside of class.

What motivates you to be consistent with your training?

The biggest motivator is how training makes me feel physically and mentally. I may be crabby or tired and the last thing I want to do is work out, but I’ve never regretted NOT canceling a class. I always feel so much better after! Training consistently also helps with my mental health and has become an important part of my sobriety. It gives me confidence, relieves stress, makes me feel good – and like a badass!

What is something that used to be intimidating at the gym but now you love it and/or how might you encourage others that might be nervous to try strength training?

Probably using anything other than free weights. I did not have much experience with kettlebells before, and now I love using them. As for women who may be nervous to try strength training, the hardest part is making that first step and just showing up. I was very self-conscious growing up and would never go to the rec with friends in college or even think about joining a gym or working out in front of others. Dragonfly is wonderful because there are women there of all ages, shapes and sizes absolutely killing it and rooting each other on. The coaches help you with your form and are always ready to give a modification for something that may not be working out for you. I have arthritis in my back, limited mobility with my left forearm, and I am recovering from hip surgery. Some movements just don’t work for me, but there’s always a modification to help me get stronger!

Thank you, Kristina, for being AWESOME and for sharing that with us here at Dragonfly!