@ Home Workout: Coach Renah

By November 17, 2018 November 19th, 2018 blog, Movement
So sometimes I just have a day where I make up a workout on the fly of just a few moves I want to do…sometimes at home and sometimes at the studio. And sometimes it’s planned and sometimes it’s on a day that I’m not particularly motivated and I know that if I just start moving I will get motivated. (My current training involves mostly the same 4-5 movements — I love them all — but it’s kinda fun to mix it up.)
This one must have been after we did stand kneel stand in Lift class because I wanted to do those — I think they are a great way to build strength, work on mobility and they can get your heart rate up some too! I also haven’t attempted a headstand in forever and it was purely for fun…you can see that I tried to gracefully roll outta that. 😉 If you wanna do this at home I included some alternate ideas as well.
Just a little reminder to find the fun in your training! And if you are coming in for a class and there’s something you really wanna do — let’s do it! We have a few ladies that work on their hangs before/after class and some even work on their box jumps after class.
Just 3 or 4 rounds and done!
Ledge Pull-Ups x 5 (Alt: Hangs, Rows)
Stand Kneel Stand x 5/5 (Alt: Split Squats)
Double KB Cleans x 5 (Alt: Hip Thrust)
Headstand x ALAP (Alt: Downward Dog/Dolphin Pose)