Growth Is Painful

By January 13, 2020 blog

Growth is painful. Painful and uncomfortable. And filled with metaphorical sticks and stones.

Tear it down, build it up, tear it down, build it up. That’s how a muscle grows and from what I can tell that is how we grow also.
If you’re ready for personal growth, here are a few things I wish I had known right from the start! I don’t know that these will save you any pain, but they could save you some time and some suffering.
#1 Be honest with yourself. You are the only person responsible for your life so don’t blame other people…for anything. This can be extremely painful depending upon your starting point, but you won’t grow until this happens.
#2 There will be days when you just can’t, and those are the days you must. This is where you build some muscle. Accomplish something on these days and you will be a better person for it. Get out of the habit of quitting every time you feel like it (even if it’s temporary).
#3 Prepare for failure. No one ever got it right the first time. You may be failing, but that’s better than not trying. Embrace it and get better from your failures.
#4 Joy and pain. Like sunshine and rain. (Thank you Rob Base.) Yes, you’ll have both! Be sure to embrace the joy, while remembering #1, #2, and #3. You will have those days where you will see things coming together because of those painful days you pushed through. You might think “How did this happen? This is amazing!” For a moment you’ll forget about all the hard work and the uncomfortableness. Don’t. Remember…tear it down, build it up…if you continue to grow this won’t last. Enjoy it, and continue to move forward!
Yes, growth is painful…but nothing is as painful as always staying in the same place. Don’t look back at this time next year and wish you had tried. Get out there and experience the failures, the heartaches, the sticks and stones, the growth, the success and the joy!
(Thanks for the inspiration Margie!)