Got a Library Card?

By June 16, 2022 blog

By Coach Denise


If you do, you need to get the Libby Library App.

In order to check out an ebook or audiobook, I used to use the Hoopla Library App, but my choices were very limited. Libby lets you check out ebooks or audiobooks and the selection is incredible. You can even check out the current bestsellers in seconds and all you need is a library card.
Even if you like to read a real, hardcover book, you either have to buy it or order it from the library and the wait could be weeks or even months. So while you are waiting for that book that you ordered, get a book on Libby. You can avoid the “book hole”— that awful time wherein you have nothing to read while you wait for your book.
The Audiobook selection is also very good. On your next road trip, listen to Joe Buck read his memoir Lucky Bastard. It is a must listen for any St. Louisan. AND IT’S FREE WITH THE LIBBY APP.