Get Off The Escalator

By October 11, 2019 blog
Today, I wanted to share a video that I played a long time ago for some of our members. It got a few laughs!
It’s ridiculous, right? Calling for help when all they need to do is walk up or down the escalator. But they are just standing there waiting for someone to save them. Waiting for someone else or something else to take action (maybe the escalator will start again!).
So why don’t they just do something? It’s easy to see what the problem is, right? It’s crazy! Oh…oooohhhhhh.
Have you ever found yourself “stuck on an escalator”? Maybe stuck in a recurring situation where you might be waiting for someone or something else to change it? But all along, you actually had the power to do it…you just gave it away because you weren’t ready to take responsibility?
Accepting responsibility for our situations and the fact that we can change them…that takes courage. And what you should know is that once you do take that responsibility, you give all that power back to yourself. You give yourself the power and the ability to accomplish anything!
The next time you find yourself “stuck” in a situation that just seems to keep happening, think back to the clip above – could you better the situation if you took responsibility? Can you get off the escalator? I’ll bet the answer is yes.
Maybe it’s your fitness, nutrition, career, relationships… Whatever it is, just remember…accepting responsibility gives you power.