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Fill out the form to request your FREE No-Sweat Intro with one of our fitness coaches. It’s a completely commitment-free visit to the studio where you’ll chat with a Dragonfly coach about your personal fitness goals and get some expert advice about the steps you need to take to reach those goals. One size does not fit all, and our coaches know exactly what direction you need to head in order to see results. Absolutely no commitment necessary!


What is Dragonfly Fitness & Training?

We’re a women’s fitness studio dedicated to helping women gain confidence and achieve fitness goals they never thought possible through strength training for any fitness level in a fun, welcoming, and stress-free environment.

Where are you located?

The studio is located at 4924 Hampton Ave. in South St. Louis.

I’m nervous. It looks like you all lift a lot of weights.

We do! But don’t be nervous! Your free intro won’t involve a workout, just a quick movement assessment. And if you do decide to try out our group or personal training, you’ll find it’s not scary at all!

We work with women of all ages and fitness levels because we believe weight training is not just beneficial for men’s health — even though the free weight area of a typical gym is usually overwhelmingly full of men. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to teach women how to utilize weights in their fitness routines. Don’t be scared — we’ll be with you every step of the way! If you want to see what a first class is like, check out this post by one of our newbies!

What are the effects of training with Dragonfly?


You won’t believe the things your body is capable of after training with our coaches!


You’ll find yourself powering through your days with the increased energy from consistent and professional workouts.

Fat Burn

Our workouts will fire up your metabolism and keep the fat burn working long after you leave the studio.


Our studio is a comfortable, judgement-free zone, and our members are each other’s best cheerleaders. Trust us, that kind of positivity is contagious!

How much does this cost?

Your intro with one of our expert coaches is completely FREE! There is no fee, and no contract is required. Our mission is to help St. Louis women gain the confidence to live their best lives through a solid foundation of health and fitness.

Of course, our coaches would love to help you on that journey after your intro, too. Our group training packages start at $139 for a 3-month commitment and $109 for a 12-month commitment. If you’d like to learn more about our membership packages and our personal training and nutrition coaching rates, find more info at the links below:

  1. Group classes
  2. Personal training
  3. Nutrition coaching

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