Four Reasons You’re Mindlessly Eating At Night

By May 10, 2021 blog
(And none of them are because you are hungry)
#1 You deserve a pat on the back. It was a rough day. You made it! Let’s celebrate with some extra food and drink tonight…and before you know it you are treating yourself every single day.
We’ve all done this! And it’s crazy how quickly it can actually become a habit. Let’s take some deep breaths and inhale some gratitude instead of chocolate. Or make a list of other ways to treat yourself that don’t involve food and that will make you feel great.
#2 You’re bored. You probably guessed that one.
Instead of munching down on something you don’t really want, why don’t you make a list of things you can do when you get bored? Or just be still, sit. Be bored.
#3 You actually didn’t eat enough during the day and now you’re kinda overdoing it. Making up for it. But eating way more than you normally would.
I don’t ever recommend eating if you aren’t hungry, but pay attention to your body. Maybe try more smaller meals throughout the day so you aren’t starving later.
#4 You’re tired. Physically and mentally. Tired of thinking and making decisions. So you don’t. And you mindlessly eat food just because it’s there.
Maybe…it’s time for bed. (This is me!) Or maybe you need to keep certain things out of your house or in your cabinets (out of sight, out of mind). Or maybe go to the root of the problem and try to do more energizing things during the day. That not only includes what you do, but who you are around. (Whew, that’s maybe a thought for another post!)
So is eating at night bad? Not really. It’s only bad if it leaves you feeling like junk or like you always wish you hadn’t, yet you keep repeating.
And just that most of us find ourselves consuming things after dark that don’t have a lot of nutritional value. (And eating late can mess with your sleep.)
I’ve certainly found myself reaching for something I didn’t really need or want at about, oh, 8:30/9pm.
If that’s the case for you, then rethink your PM plan with some of the suggestions above. However, you could also come up with some great alternatives too if you need that little post-dinner something: protein smoothie, fruit + peanut butter, yogurt, etc.