Five Tips For Getting Back Into A Fitness Routine

By May 3, 2021 June 22nd, 2021 blog

Been a while? Here are 5 tips for getting back into fitness.

I’ve talked to a lot of people lately who dropped out of their normal fitness routine over the past year.

Hey, I get it. My routine changed quite a bit too. The kick-ass workouts have been few and far between over the past year. Some of my movements don’t feel as strong. Others have stayed the course. Things have just been, well, different.

Now that we are hopefully seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m feeling like maybe my training mojo will come with it.

And others are maybe thinking the same. I’m already seeing lots of people emerge, ready to move, get strong and do something good for themselves.

So, maybe that’s you and you’re like, OK, I’m ready…what now?
First, woohoo! That’s really awesome and I’m glad you are ready!
Here are just a few tips that I believe can help you ease back into working out safely and successfully!
1 – Commit long-term. This doesn’t mean you need to stay at the same gym forever or always run, but make a long-term commitment to your health and fitness. I often see people thinking that they need to make up for lost time when they take a break…like they have to catch up or something. And it often causes more harm than good as they propel themselves into a 7 days a week program. But if you consider that you are in it for the long haul you’ll see there’s no need to do that. Think long-term. It will help this ride be a little less bumpy for you.
2 – Leave your ego at the door. So you’ve taken some time off. Please leave your ego at the door, acknowledge this and start easy. Take some time to see where you are and to see how things feel. This will help keep you injury-free and give you a better re-entry experience. And you’ll still see and feel the results. Maybe you’ll even be better because of it!
3 – If you have old injuries or have general pain… Make the investmentĀ in personal training for at least a short amount of time so you can learn how to work around your injuries and/or strengthen your weaker areas. Get professional help before you go it alone or join a group class. Also, depending on what is going on you may want to visit your doctor or physical therapist first. Your trainer can also help point you in the right direction on this.
4 – Don’t compare. It’s been a weird year. Stay on your own journey and be grateful that you are ready, willing and able right at this very moment!
5 – Joining a gym or group? Do your research even if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. Consider how much time you want to and can spend working out, your budget, your overall goals and anything else that may be a dealbreaker for you. Ask questions. I am always happy to answer questions from potential members and am honest when I don’t think we’re a great fit or what someone is looking for. It’s important to get the right fit all the way around.