Five Bodyweight Exercises That Might Surprise You

By April 7, 2020 April 9th, 2020 blog, Movement
Fitness has shifted. And many of us are doing our workouts at home with little or no equipment.
Bodyweight training can be really effective. It provides a great opportunity to really take your time and connect with the movement.
Here are five bodyweight exercises that we are totally digging right now! Give them a try. When done correctly, they just might surprise you!
Push-Downs: If you are working towards a floor push-up, these are a great option to add in. Take about 3 – 5 seconds to slowly lower yourself down as far as you can then “cheat” back up and repeat.
Single Arm Plank: We’ve always loved these. Get set in a strong plank position then take one arm up. Take your feet wider if your hips shift to one side. These are great for not just your upper body, but for your core and legs!
Glute Bridge March: Start at the top of a glute bridge, then “march” with one leg. Do reps on one side then switch to the other.
Leg Lowers: These are great for the core. Slowly lower legs (try 5 – 10 secs) as far as you can without the back arching. “Cheat” back up and repeat.
Tall Kneeling Towel Pull: These are a great option to work the back if you don’t have any equipment or a bar. Pull the towel tight, drive your elbows down. Then push back up as if you are pushing something over your head.