My Fears & My First Class: Strength Training for Women

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My First Lift Class

Hi there, I’m Annie, and I’m the new marketing coordinator at Dragonfly! After living in Ireland for 3 years, I recently moved back to St. Louis, and that’s when I found DFT, a strength training gym for women. Though I ran competitively and played soccer and other sports for many years when I was younger, as I got older, my physical activity shrank into nothing more than lackluster jogging.

I never imagined myself lifting weights, but it was a challenge I couldn’t pass up. I wanted to be strong, and here was a place dedicated to teaching women how to cultivate strength with exercises and weights I would never, in a million years, approach by myself in a big box gym.

Of course, when I signed up for my first class at Dragonfly, I was pretty terrified. I’d never lifted weights before, and the class was called Lift. This guaranteed I’d be doing things I’d never done before, and with a great potential for embarrassment.

I don’t think I need to tell you worrying was a worthless time-suck. But I will tell you why. Of my myriad fears, here’s what became of them:

1. I’m going to need a weight so light they don’t manufacture it.

C’mon, I know you’ve thought this. (Right? No…? Just me?) Well, just so you know, it turns out they manufacture all kinds of weights. Seriously.

Weights at Dragonfly Fitness & Training

These are a bit lighter than my laptop—and way lighter than the gallon of milk I carried to the car this morning.

2. I’m going to drop a weight on my foot.

This didn’t happen. But you know what? If it had, it wouldn’t have hurt. (See above.) Just to be sure, though, the trainer showed me how to properly grip every piece of equipment used, from barbells to kettlebells to dumbbells. (Look at me learning words!) And when I totally forgot everything she told me, she showed me again. (And again.)

3. I’m going to make a fool of myself.

Guess what? I did! Except I was the only one who thought myself a fool. In fact, classmates were full of tips on what had made being a beginner easier for them.

4. I’m going to pull a muscle trying to keep up with everybody.

I didn’t have the chance. The trainer, Missy, knew where each member was in their fitness journey, so every exercise was introduced with a variety of modifications to suit every single one of us. At one point, we were all doing the same exercise but in different ways—because the trainer knew who had a history of knee trouble, who was brand new (me!), who was really excelling in this particular area recently, and who hadn’t been in for a few weeks. It was like personal training in a group setting.

In fact, Missy even pointed out, just off the top of her head, when one of the women had just set a personal deadlift record! (And I can barely remember what I had for breakfast…)

Learning New Exercises at Dragonfly

Am I doing this right?

5. I’m not going to be able to do an exercise everybody else is doing.

This was completely true, and you know what? Nobody noticed. (See below.) Actually, that’s not quite true. Missy noticed and gave me alternative moves or a modified version that would help me work up to the more difficult one.

Learning Lunges at the Women's Fitness Studio

Learning to do split squats.

6. I’m definitely going to be the worst one there.

The thing that set this class apart from any other fitness class I’ve been to was the absence of peer pressure. Because of #4 and #5, nobody was competing against anybody else—except the person she was yesterday. That meant nobody was paying attention to which weights I was using, or when I rested for 5, 10, 15 (35?) seconds between deadlifts.


7. I’m gonna hurt the next day.

Okay, this one is accurate. I was sore the next day. But guess what? It felt fantastic!

So that’s what became of my strength training fears. Do you have the same ones? What’s keeping you from getting started with your fitness goals?

This graphic Renah shared on the DFT Facebook page the other day feels pretty apt at the moment:

Inspiration from a Women's Fitness Coach in St. Louis

Let me know in the comments what’s keeping you from starting strength training!

— Annie

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