Fear Of Falling

By August 25, 2019 blog

The first time we went to Topgolf we were on the second level and for my first few shots I was as far back on the turf as I could go. A friend said “What are you doing? Move up!” And I laughed and said “I’m afraid I might fall off.” LOL. Well, we went back on Saturday and we were on the third level. Ha! And sure enough, I was still afraid of falling!

Thoughts in my head…well, if I put my hips into it too much and miss (because I definitely had a few misses) I could for sure fly off. FOR SURE. Or I could also throw the club and then that’ll send me over the edge. Why can’t we just be on the bottom floor folks?! I would certainly be much better! (Haha!)

Well, here are two things I figured out.


You gotta use the right approach to get to your goal.

In this case, the right approach means using my hips. I figured out that I actually hadn’t been using my hips at all. Just my arms….like full on arms. No wonder I have been afraid of flying off. Because full on arms and a miss…yes, I could see how I might potentially fall off. Full on hippity hips though would mean that my feet were pushed hard into the ground and I wouldn’t go anywhere. Doh! And when I started actually using my hips on the swing it felt a little more effortless.  I had been trying way too hard by just using my arms and it was actually causing me to think I might fall off because it was so off.

Whatever your goal may be, are you taking the right approach? If your goal is to be a millionaire are you on the right career path? If your goal is to eat better or workout more are you doing things that work for you or are you trying to force yourself to do things that don’t feel right? If your goal is to do a heavy deadlift, check yourself like I did…have you been using the right muscles to get the weight up? Because if you haven’t, it’s going to get real obvious when you start adding weight.

Is there another way that might work better for you? Even a way that might be more effortless?


Keep your eye on the ball.

Hit the ball and follow it right? I mean, you wanna see where it goes? Well, yeah…but if you don’t stay focused on the ball and are instead more concerned about where it’s going…you could have a crappy shot or you may miss it altogether. Once I just focused on the ball…in that moment…I hit it much better! Of course I still planned and thought about where I wanted it to go before the shot, but previously I had been more focused on where it was going instead of just hitting it.

Don’t get so caught up in the future that you forget to be present my friends. Don’t get so worried about the future that you aren’t focused on what you are doing right here and right now. Plan, work hard, and do your best. Put your efforts and energy into right now, instead of worrying so much about the outcome.


After I realized those two things I didn’t really have a good reason anymore to be afraid of falling (ok, except I am afraid of heights so there’s those butterflies). I felt a little more confident and wasn’t as afraid to really try. (I actually got a 30 point shot!! Just once, but still!) The fear of falling was definitely holding me back. That happens in life, right? We’re afraid of falling (failing) so we just kinda sorta try…instead of giving it our best. But maybe by doing some simple things like reviewing our approach and focusing on the present we can overcome that and see that our fears aren’t as logical as we think they are. We can become a little more confident like I did. And we can conquer our fear of falling.