Fear Of Failing

By October 18, 2019 October 20th, 2019 blog
We all have fears when it comes to our fitness and the gym. It’s true — all of us. Sometimes it’s a fear of looking silly or getting hurt.
And sometimes it’s a fear of failing. We’re so happy that Lauren shared her story with us because she made an important mindset shift in order to get back in here!

I think I had to get over myself in order to come back…let me explain.

I have always been so Type A and have pressured myself to always do everything “right,” and when I was a member before, it felt like if I needed modifications or even if I admitted certain things didn’t feel right on my back, I was failing – myself and my coaches at Dragonfly. As soon as my contract was up, I was out the door so I didn’t have to admit that “failure.”
When I reached out to Renah to come back, she and I had a frank discussion about what that looked like, and I knew enough about how a certain handful of movements felt to say, “I can’t do KB swings anymore, and sit ups are not great for my back either.”  When she was like “cool, no big deal, here’s what to do instead,” the lightbulb went off and I realized it wasn’t failing but rather doing the same type of thing just a little differently, in a way that was better for me and my back. I admit I was a little self conscious the first few times we had KB swings in the mix and I was doing deadlifts instead, but that’s all ego shit and I quickly got over it and – spoiler alert – whatever progress I’m making is not being negatively affected by it!  After I realized that, I started to have zero worries about asking for a modification, and there’s ALWAYS a modification!
So really, kudos to Dragonfly for understanding that we’re women whose bodies don’t always cooperate and are happy to find ways for us to make it through, whatever that looks like.