By June 9, 2019 blog

Some of our members participated in our annual  PR challenge over the last 6 weeks. They identified goals including improving their deadlift, prowler pushes, rowing, and even riding the BIKE! On Thursday evening, we were able to see a dozen women show off their hard work. Check out the highlight video here.

And wow… It. Was. AWESOME!  They crushed their PRs!

It takes an unbelievable amount of focus to stay the course for 6 weeks. I was often reminded of one of the lessons I learned from Martin Rooney (founder of Training for Warriors and our beloved “Hurricanes!”).

It was just that…. F.O.C.U.S.

Simple, right?

But he breaks it down to stand for “Follow One Course Until Successful.” Sit with that for just a second… I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle with just remembering why I went down to the basement. “Do I need to switch over the laundry? Is the dog food bucket empty? Am I lost? What is it?!”

I think it largely relates to the FOCUS we put on whatever we are working on at the moment. Make the most important thing – the most important thing! Every workout… make it count. Every meal… focus on how it fuels your body… Every conversation… make eye contact. Put this level of FOCUS into your sessions at DFT and it will begin to show up in other ways in your lives outside of the studio!


When you see these gals around the studio, throw them a high five!

The Fast & the Furious: Lisa Novak (1000m Row), Stephanie Matthew (500m Row), Kristina Coley (500m Row), Christy Baker (Assault Bike Workout)

Push It Real Good: Jessi Kniffen (Floor Push Up), Diana Daugherty (Floor Push Up), Maureen Stroer (250# Prowler Pushes)

Barbell Club: Cathy Drury (1 rep max Bench Press), Lauren Orengo (1 rep max Bench Press), Sarah Tolch (3 rep max Bench Press), Clara Germani (1 rep max Deadlift), Jessa Hawkins (3 rep max Deadlift)