Every Rep Counts 2019 Supporting A4A & Five Acres

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Two years ago we adopted Oreo from Five Acres Animal Shelter. He was 13 and had been returned by his owner. This senior guy stole my heart. He changed me. He made me a better person.

We were lucky enough to have him for two years and four months. I will never forget him.

All rescue animals are truly amazing, but because of Oreo I have a special place in my heart for seniors and those with special needs. This year I wanted to highlight them through our Every Rep Counts event. Dragonfly covers all the costs of this event so 100% of money raised will support our charities for this year: Athletes for Animals and Five Acres Animal Shelter.

Athletes for Animals not only connects athletes with a shared passion for animals, but also promotes responsible pet ownership and provides grants to animal welfare organizations all across the country. Money from this event will be used locally to support senior and special needs animals. And because I am on the board of this amazing organization I’ll even be able to share those stories with you once the money has been donated. (A4A is actually the reason that Oreo & I met at a Blues game.)

Five Acres Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter located in St. Charles. Five Acres accepts animals from private citizens who are unable to keep their pets for one reason or another, and they also work with local animal control facilities and other overcrowded shelters in Missouri and other parts of the country to transfer animals that face euthanasia. I have fostered for Five Acres in the past, and we adopted our sweet boy Colby from there also. It has been amazing to watch how they have grown over the years. They have lots of wonderful cats and dogs looking for their forever homes right now!

I’m so grateful for the support that our members and community give to our charitable efforts! This is such a fun event that we look forward to every year. Y’all know I love those rescue animals and this year’s event is just extra special.